Gradius has extensive experience at all levels of Inspection for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Power Generation, Heavy Fabrication Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Shipbuilding & Ships in operation.
We can provide experienced and highly qualified technical personnel from an extensive pool of personnel available around the globe.
We offers professional personnel for the following services:

  • Shop survey
  • Ship- owner survey
  • Ship class survey
  • Vendor audit to verify that vendors appear to be capable of fulfilling the requirements of the purchase order
  • Pre-qualification of Suppliers and Sub Suppliers
  • Attending to the Pre-manufacturing meeting (Kick Off Meeting) and Pre-Inspection Meeting
  • Inspection of Raw Materials (Preliminary Inspections)
  • Reviews and Approval, against the contractual requirements of :
    • Quality Control Plans and Inspection and Test Plans
    • Fabrication and Quality Procedures (Forming, NDEs, Testing, Painting etc.)
    • Personnel Qualification such as NDE qualifications and Welder’s Qualifications
    • NDE Procedures, PWHT against Customer’s specification requirements and applicable codes and standards
    • Welding dossier (Welds map, WPS, PQR, WQR etc.)
    • Final Certification and dossiers (Manufacturer Data Reports)
  • Inspection during production (Intermediate Inspections)
  • Final Testing (Final Inspections)
  • Packing, Preservation, Shipping Preparation and marking Inspections
  • Supervision of the loading and unloading, stowage and transport operation

All preliminary, intermediate and final inspections include as minimum:

  • Verification of materials and relevant certification
  • Verify the calibration status of all measurement equipment
  • Verify the compliance of the quality and welding documentation of the supplier to the contractual specifications
  • Ensure fabrication is in accordance with drawing, plans and contractual specifications
  • Follow up on non-conformances to ensure complete resolution to all problems
  • Ensure that NDE will be carried out in accordance with contractual specifications and the applicable rules
  • Witness all key functional, performance, pressure and final tests
  • Review of all quality records and final documentation
  • Fully documented reporting & Issue of Inspection Release Notes

The above mentioned services ensure that each stage of the client purchase order requirements is fully satisfied before the material and / or equipment leaves the supplier’s premises.